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Because we can’t just sit on a beach, apparently.

Sunday morning – on our HOLIDAY – we got up at 3:10AM to go run the Maui Half Marathon.  I’d say it was somewhat easy because I was still on Pacific time, but that would be a total lie.  Getting up at 3:something to do any kind of race is just silly and it sucks no matter how you spin it.

We piled into the car, in the pitch black and headed out the start on the other side of the island.  Standing on the start line, shortly before 5AM, was not unlike standing in the middle of a human sauna.  Foreshadowing: maybe I should have been a little more concerned with fluid loss considering I’d yet to start running and was pretty much already soaking wet.

We took off in the dark, admired the stars and ran somewhat blind for the first hour or so of racing.  It was dark enough, in fact, that I nearly ran head first into the first guy coming back from the turnaround.  I paid slightly closer attention to where I was going after that near miss.

I think it was also around this point – roughly mile 6 – when I started to become aware of the fact that while I was cooking, temperature-wise, I wasn’t sweating that much and I was chilly and covered in goose bumps.  Not ideal.  I figured it would pass if I could get some water down and on me.  And believe me, I tried.

This wasn’t the most riveting course in the world, so I was more than a little relieved when I finally crossed the finish line.  I was rather wobbly, but 2 big guys grabbed me and gave me little choice about heading straight to medical.  Some IV fluids and some chocolate milk later, I was fine.

In the end, good enough to win my age group and finish 7th overall.  And then, of course, hit the beach/pool/post-race beers.

A few days post race, Liz and I decided “Hey, there’s a volcano.  Let’s go ride bikes up it!” Or something along those lines.

Actual conversations held during the ride:

Mile 16:

Me (squealing as something flew at me): “What the hell was that? Did you see that thing?”

Liz: “What? No. Nothing. You’re hallucinating. Maybe you’re seeing cheeseburgers.”

Mile 21:

Me: “I sure hope this volcano doesn’t explode on us.”

Liz: “Shut up, cheeseburger.”

Needless to say, we made it.  It was pretty epic.  10’000ft of epic. And really freaking cold.

Common sense dictates that yes, we did also lie on the beach, nap, lie by the pool, talk,  read books, hot tub, watch sunsets, drink lots of coffee and many, many other beverages, dance, laugh and generally have a very above average holiday. An excellent kick off to this 24th, er, 40th year, I’d say.


1 thought on “Because we can’t just sit on a beach, apparently.”

  1. Hi Christine! I don’t know you very well but I have to tell you I love reading your stories 🙂 I miss my dear friend Nat soooooo much and I loved the 1/2 marathon story and pic’s. Thanks for that! I can totally relate to exercising in heat!!!!!! Costa Rica is without a doubt the HOTTEST place I’ve ever been and all it takes is to get out of bed here and your soaked with sweat, hahaha! BUT…all my peeps that take my classes push hard and work through the heat and humidity:) If ever you find yourself wanting a get away…you are always welcome at our casa:) Take care and keep the fun stories coming!

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