Kids, QOTD


I have a postcard with this photo on it in my bedroom.


“Mum, why is that boy wearing a bikini,” Rory asked me as he stared at it.

“That’s not a bikini. That’s just what the men wore in the ‘olden days,” I replied.

“Were the olden days fun?”

“I don’t know buddy, I wasn’t alive then, ” (Rory seems to have forgotten that I’m not 4000 years old.)

“Oh. Well, I don’t think they were fun. I bet they didn’t even have toys.”

“Maybe not, but I bet they got to play outside a whole lot.”

“Well, I heard they were naked and had to play with dirt. I don’t think that’s fun.”

This from a kid who is usually half-naked, covered in dirt and whittling a stick into some kind of spear.

"Seriously, mum?"
“Seriously, mum?”

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