Kids, QOTD

QOTD… a teeny compilation

Anja’s been coming up with some gems lately…

Playing play-doh in the kitchen:

A: “Mama, pass me the spanker wanker.”

Me, staring blankly at her: “Pardon?”

A: “The thing you use to flip pancakes.”


Driving home from skiing, she yells from the back seat:


Me, giggling by trying to remain calm: “I’m pretty sure your heart is still bumping. You are talking to me, after all.”

A: “Oh, yeah. You’re right. I found it.”

A: “What are you supposed to wear for tennis racket walking?”

Will: “Did you mean snowshoeing?

A: “Yeah, whatever. What do you wear?”

I’m upstairs, and yell through the floor, asking the 3 of them if they had done this chore or that.

W: “yes!”

R: “yeah!”

A: “Yes!”

I then hear her ask her brothers: “What did she even say?”

Quick learner.

And finally, Rory was talking about summer camp and how he is excited but it’s in a long time from now.

“It’s ok Rory. Time flies, you know. Time flies.”

Wise beyond her years?

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