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Fake it till you make it.

I’m 5 days post-event, that event being one of the bigger projects that I have worked on in recent memory.

I also happen to be 2 days pre-race, that race being my first 70.3 of 2016, here in Galveston, Texas.

That right there demonstrates my excellent time management skills.

Editor’s note: “First 70.3” implies there are others coming up. That is not the case. I have not planned beyond Sunday, 1:30PM, at which point I will be at Sonic Burger.

Doesn’t this stunning post-nap self portrait scream “Let’s do this!”

In a nutshell, I’m pretty tired.

But, *shrug*, that’s ok. I’m here to have fun. Swimming and biking have been going well, and running hasn’t been going anywhere until the last 2 weeks (I seem to have gotten on top of this stupid knee pain and can shuffle again).

Everything came to a screeching halt 10 days ago when work took precedence over play. So it was time for some race goal re-evaluation: don’t freak on the swim, crank the bike, survive the run.

I mean, how much fitness can you lose in a week, anyway?

Well, let’s just wait and see!



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