Brain dump

My normally short attention span has been contracted to that of a sea cucumber.


The world feels like it is shrinking daily. Our little physical bubble gets a little tighter with each new press conference and news release. Oddly, rather than feeling restrictive, I’ve found it a little comforting.

And yet at the same time, the virtual bubble gets a little bigger. I’m grateful for my friends who put up with my endless texts, who send me stupid videos, who check up on me.

Don’t get me wrong – the online news feed is like a fire hose of pure crazy, and it feels good to turn it off every once in a while and stick my head in the sand and pretend life is 100% normal.

In which case, I take my advice from a dog.


In that same vein, it didn’t take long for this new world order to start to feel normal. We’re more adaptable than we think.


People seem gentler with one another.


We are staring down a few months of homeschooling. There’s a reason I didn’t become a teacher. 

It’s a good thing kids are resilient.

I’ve see a few social posts saying things like “what’s the big deal with kids being out of school for a few months? Teach them to sew and change a tire. They don’t learn much in school anyway.”

Uh yeah. Here are my kids. Have at ‘er. Let me know how it goes after 4 hours.


It’s eerily quiet at night. No cars going anywhere.


I feel kind of useless and helpless. I don’t have much to contribute to those in need. Anyone else feel like this?

My current contribution level is staying home and annoying my kids by telling them to get off their phones.


Stay home, stay safe… stay sane.


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