Well, here we are.

Happy Tuesday!

Just typing that made me laugh. I had to look up that it was actually Tuesday.

So, with that:

How’s everyone doing?

Over here, it’s mostly positive, trying to steer clear of the pit of despair. Ok, maybe it’s not quite ‘pit’. More like, puddle. Regardless, I’m trying hard to steer clear from the edge.

The harsh reality?

We’ve got it pretty easy over here, in the grand scheme of things. First and foremost, we are all healthy (although, today I woke up sniffly and was quite certain that this was the end for me. I pulled it together after a cup of coffee).

We have space here – indoor and out – so we are not constantly on top of one another. I can still safely kick the kids outside when I need a break; better yet, I can kick myself outside. Or, I sequester myself in the basement on my bike, sweat and sing 80’s tunes very loudly.

Work has dwindled but hasn’t halted completely and for that I am *very* grateful. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it looks very different. But that’s ok.

We have food, friends and family. And I have wine.

A thought I’ve had a lot, lately:

When this is all over, and we can go back to “normal”, will we? Are we going to hold on to some of these new norms we’ve adapted to? Or will we quickly forget what this was all like, and go back to worrying about things like bouncy running shoes and where to go for March break 2021?

I hope we hold on to this connectedness (weird word). This feeling of “we’re all in this shit together” seems to have made us more open to reaching out to one another. We check in on each, have virtual drinks, etc. I kind of like it.

That’s my 6-feet-away-touchy-feely feeling for the day.

On that note, I hope to never utter the words “social distancing” again, once we get back to being able to high-5 in real life.



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