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Defeat the Duffey 2013: It’s here!

The event is upon us… Sunday morning.  Lakeside.  Hot temps in store.  The more the merrier, you’ll be rewarded with a killer ride, sweatiness, and a post-event BBQ/smack talk event.  C’mon.  It’s fun.


photo (1)

Join us… Don’t be scared.  We’re friendly, we don’t bite but we do like to smack-talk each other.

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QOTD and weekend foreboding

Tomorrow, I’ll be throwing a leg over my mountain bike and doing my first “real” mountain bike race in probably 8 years.  The Nimby 50 is tomorrow morning and seeing as it’s about 50ft from the backdoor, I’ll be giving it a go.  My goals are simple:

1. Don’t die.

2. Don’t break any bones (except, maybe, for the one that’s still broken. That’ll give me reason to go ahead with the surgery I don’t want).

3. Finish before they start pulling down the Finish Chute and still be capable to eat the burgers/drink the beer!

4. Reinforce my race mantra that there’s no shame and walking and that chatting to volunteers is the best part of the day.

5. Ride faster than the mosquitos on the uphills.

I asked the boys if they’d come and cheer for me.  Will replied:

“Yeah, maybe.  We’ll have to see what the weather does”.


I hope to have a full & fun report up soon, as well as some good before/after pics.  The big decision I’m wrestling with right now is whether or not to bring a camera.  Sigh, first world problems.

On a similar note, the boys are really into their bikes right now and have set a goal for the summer of riding all the “Blue” trails in Pemberton.  We’re off to a good start!

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Whistler Half Marathon. Do it.

This run is without a doubt one of the most fun races I’ve ever done.  It’s a challenging but fun course; it’s scenic; the “fans” are numerous and entertaining and the swag bag is great!  And let’s face it, how often have you seen people look this happy after a half-marathon?

girlsphoto 1

Get your butts in gear and sign up!  It’s selling out fast and you won’t want to miss it.  Plus, my regular running partners are going to be otherwise occupied in June, so mama needs some people to match with.

                                      Matching is fun! Take our word for it…

(Excuse the very crappy iPhone reproductions of great photos by Robin O’Neill)

We’ll see you on the start line, right?